Welcome to Online Tecmo! Tecmo World is a free online community to play the classic Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Arcade.  First, play a game against the computer on us to remember the good ol' days or scroll down!
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Up/down/left/right: Use ARROW KEYS.
Start-key: Press ENTER.
Select-key: Press CONTROL.
B-key: Press Z.
A-key: Press X.
Now are you ready to play online against real competition?  start off with the Tecmo Players Circuit, a great place for newer players to adjust to playing online as well as get to know fellow tecmoers and also a great proving ground to get into league play.
You can find leagues that revolve around the game you played back in the day as well as leagues with current players, drafts, free agency, full statistics, tackles included as statistics, 6 minute quarters, in game playbook changes, franchise leagues, and a full on dynasty be any college you want league. We have everything you need to get started by clicking on "Get Started".
Once you have played and have realized how much fun this is, you may want to start your own league.  Here at TW we provide a lot of free things to help you in this endeavor (and much more).  Check out or "Freebies" section to the left.  Unless you are wanting to learn how to create a website or already know how to you'll want to check out Dynastyphile.  It's an all in one free package that runs league websites and is fully automated to do everything you need for a tecmo site.
  If you are ready and want to play, chat, or run a league, this is the place! We are the online tecmo community for you, run by you!